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Enterprise vs. consumer social networking

In his article, Ditch the likes: Why enterprise social media is nothing like Facebook, Toby Wolpe argues that the misapplication of consumer metrics (i.e. likes, logins, number of posts) is leading organizations to misjudge the effectiveness of social tools. This should be obvious, but I guess it isn’t.

What particularly interests me about this article is Wolpe’s description of three approaches to enterprise social networks:

  1. The Yammer view of the work (people talk to each other and business value will fall out of serendipity);
  2. Content-oriented view (e.g. SharePoint), where it’s all about having conversations around documents;
  3. Line-of-business applications (e.g. Salesforce, SAP) where people are expected to “live” in the application, and all conversations should be around the application.

I agree with Wolpe that we need all three. The trick is how to combine them, not only now (which probably reflects a rapidly vanishing past) but for the future.